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Forestry Project Supported by Epson Wins Prefectural Award

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The Jinguji Forestry Association, supported by Epson, has received an award for its efforts in preserving forests by Nagano Prefecture in Japan.

The award, which is established in prefectural regulations, is presented to organizations or individuals who make significant contributions to preserving the prefecture's forests for the benefit of future generations. In winning the award this year, the Jinguji Forestry Association was cited for bringing together the local community, local government and business to promote the 100-Year Jinguji Forest Project.

As part of the project, the association took 50 hectares of forest in the Mt. Moriya and Ogidaira areas near Suwa, where Epson's Head Office is located, and began a project that is designed to preserve the pristine environment for the next 100 years or more.

The award ceremony was held at prefectural offices on January 13, 2012.

Epson has raised "restoration and preservation of biodiversity" as a key tenet of its Environmental Vision 2050, and as a result has sought to increasing direct employee involvement in biodiversity projects. As part of this, the company in 2008 began a five-year contract with the Jinguji Forestry Association to work on the 100-Year Jinguji Forest Project. Now in its final year, the project has been successful in organizing the clearing the forest, arranging nature walks, and planning forest recreation events. In total, the project has been supported by over 300 volunteers from Epson.

Epson is now considering ways in which it can roll out the experience and expertise it has acquired in this project to other regions and projects.

Clearing the forest: before and after