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Taiwan Saving-Energy Patrol Reports Successes

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In December 2010, Epson announced the formation of the Taiwan Energy-Saving Patrol Team with its partner companies. Based on Japan's Shinshu Energy-Saving Patrol Team, the mission of the Taiwan is to conduct onsite inspections and evaluations at local companies, and to offer feasible energy-saving advice to boost environmental protection and promote a balance between business and the environment.

Basic info about the Taiwan Saving-Energy Patrol

Established: December 22, 2010
Original number of volunteers: 19 (December 2010)
Original volunteer companies (groups): BCSD, Epson Taiwan, CHT, Daikin, AVerMedia
Present number of volunteers: 24 (January 2012)
Latest volunteer companies (groups): BCSD, Epson Taiwan, CHT, Daikin, AVerMedia, WPI-Group, TECO, Novotel Taipei Taoyuan

2011 results

Since its establishment in December 2010, the activities of the Taiwan Saving-Energy Patrol have become widely known. In that time, the patrol has evaluated 19 companies, and provided suitable advice based on its findings. If all of the findings were carried out, the team estimates that approximately 3890.95 tons of CO2 could be saved.

The secretary of the Taiwan patrol closely follows the progress of the energy saving measures taken by companies visited by the patrol. In addition to monitoring the results of these measures, the patrol is proud of the contributions these measures are making to the global environment

Example 1: Company A

  1. Changed lightening equipment
  2. Adjusted electricity supply from 120 KW to 100 KW
  3. Added a 35KVAR capacitor

Company A can save NTD$20,000/ month by implementing these actions.

Example 2: Company W

  1. Changed emergency lighting signs to an LED system
  2. Changed display lightening from halogen to LED

Company W can save NTD$10,000/ month by implementing these actions.

Example 3: Company N

  1. Heat pump changed
  2. Added heat insulation curtains
  3. Added motions sensors for lighting
  4. Changed electricity fee mode

Company N can save NTD$89,000/ month by implementing these actions, based on a total investment of only NTD$126,000.

Future plans

Based on its successes, the Taiwan team, which is based in the northern city of Taipei, is considering establishing a team in southern Taiwan, and expanding its activities from the office to the factory. The team is also planning to expand the team to 50 volunteers, with a total of 128 companies scheduled to be evaluated by 2014.