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Epson Environmental Credentials on Show at Eco-Products 2011

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Epson recently exhibited at Eco-Products 2011, one of the largest environmental exhibitions in Japan, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 15-17, 2011.

This was the thirteenth year of the event. An impressive 181,487 people attended the event over the three days. Epson has had a booth at every Eco-Products exhibition since its inception, to highlight Epson's environmental initiatives. This year's booth was designed to appeal to everyone from business people to children, presenting solid evidence of Epson's environmentally-conscious products.

Epson's booth
Projection mapping

Epson divided its booth into four corners-a presentation stage, a 3D theater, an interactive workshop, and product displays-and used these areas to showcase its commitment to the environment with eco-considerate products and services.

1. Presentation stage

A professional illustrator used the interactive features of the wall-mounted projector to show how analog painting can be combined with digital imaging. Epson, whose Head Office is located among the magnificent natural beauty of Japan's Nagano region, presented some of its past environmental initiatives and explained its Environmental Vision 2050. Epson's various ink cartridge collection and recycling initiatives, such as the Ink Cartridge Home Coming Project, were also introduced.

Epson's booth
Epson's booth

2. 3D theater

During the three-day exhibition, nearly 3,000 people visited Epson's 3D theater, which used a state-of-the-art Epson 3D projector to project a 120-inch image. In addition to a video on the joint loggerhead sea turtle protection project by Epson and Kamogawa Sea World in Japan, visitors were able to experience captivating 3D images of dolphin shows and fish swimming at Epson Aqua Stadium in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

A manta ray, the largest of the rays, makes an appearance on the 120-inch 3D screen
Introduction to the loggerhead sea turtle protection project

3. Interactive workshop

In this workshop, visitors used tools to disassemble Epson printers that are commonly used in homes. This gave them the opportunity to learn about the structure of printers and the recycling process.

Hands-on printer recycling workshop
The ink cartridge recycling process was shown next to the workshop

4. Products on display

Product displays were augmented by projectors that introduced customers to the appeal and the environmental performance of the products. Some of the products on display included inkjet printers, an iPhone-compatible projector, and the Moverio BT-100 Mobile Viewer.

HMoverio BT-100 Mobile Viewer
Business inkjet printers
iPhone-compatible projector
Inkjet printers

To reflect the views of consumers in future projects, Epson asked visitors about their environmental activities and the kinds of Epson products they would like to see in a survey. The 740 responses are being carefully analyzed so they can be used to help Epson create products that meet the needs of its customers.

Please refer to your local Epson site for details of Epson products.


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