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Epson's Japanese Sites Aim for 15% Power Consumption Reduction

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In the wake of the Tohoku area earthquake in March, Japan is expected to experience nationwide power shortages throughout the summer period. As a result, Epson sites in Japan have begun implementing a series of emergency measures designed to reduce energy consumption by 15%.

Although Epson has diligently reduced power consumption over the years, it is now stepping up its efforts. To achieve its new goals, management at each business site has been required to draw up a detailed energy saving plan, with the effects to be carefully monitored. The company has also formed teams of qualified engineers who will visit each site and offer advice on improvements when necessary. In addition to saving energy, Epson expects these efforts to result in a 200-million-yen reduction of energy costs over the year.

Some of the measures being implemented are as follows:

Heating and cooling systems

  • No operation of air conditioning systems until temperature surpasses 28℃
  • No operation of air conditioning systems outside core time (10:00 to 16:00*), or when office temperature falls below 28℃
  • Use the minimum number of air conditioning units in sites where multiple units exist
  • Use blinds and curtains to adjust room temperature
  • Permit casual clothing in the office
  • Carefully clean air conditioning filters

* Core time varies by office


  • Maintain office lighting at minimum levels (300 lux in offices)
  • Reduce lighting levels in meeting rooms
  • Turn off external lighting and signage
  • Ensure staff turn off ceiling lights with drawstrings when leaving their desks
Reduced office lighting
Drawstring for office lighting

Office equipment

  • Ensure office equipment (PCs, monitors, etc.) is set to energy saving mode
  • Ensure PC monitors switch to energy saving mode within 5 minutes
  • Ensure staff turn off PC monitors when leaving their desks
  • Reduce brightness levels of PC screens
  • Review the number of copiers and printers in use at each office
  • Review the temperature of server rooms
Reduced screen brightness


  • Turn off hot water in washrooms
  • Turn off hand driers in washrooms
  • Restrict number of elevators in use and restrict usage
  • Recharge electrical equipment and batteries overnight
  • Reduce the number of smoking rooms (to reduce ventilation)
  • Turn off automatic doors (leave open)
  • Review number and internal temperature of drinks vending machines
  • Review the number and internal temperature of refrigerators, and carefully control the temperature of stored food and drinks
Restricted elevator use
Switched off drinks vending machine

Working hours

  • Carefully regulate working hours
  • Concentrate electricity supply on certain areas for after hours work

Epson has introduced the above measures as a result of the predicted energy shortages in Japan this summer. However, going forward the company aims to continue its energy saving measures beyond the summer period.