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Epson Exhibits Environmentally-Designed Products

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Every year in December, Tokyo Big Sight plays host to a show called "Eco-Products exhibition." This exhibition has attracted a steadily growing number of visitors, a reflection of heightened interest in environmental issues and environmentally considerate products. Eco-Products 2010 exhibition, which ended on December 11, was no exception, as it drew 183,140 visitors, surpassing attendance for the previous year.
Epson has had a booth at every Eco-Products exhibition since its inception, to highlight Epson's environmental initiatives. The Epson booth was more detailed than ever in 2010, presenting solid evidence of how Epson designs products with the environment in mind.

The Epson booth
Ultra-short throw interactive projector demonstration

Epson used the opportunity to illustrate its commitment to the environment through live demonstrations, interactive workshops, and presentations that showcased its eco-considerate products and services.

An Epson booth ultra-short-throw interactive projector was used to project on a wall information about the environmental performance of an Epson home inkjet printer sold in Japan and a cartridge-less inkjet printer being rolled out across Japan, China, and some other regions. Since visitors were able to use an electronic pen that comes with the projector to directly manipulate and write on the projected images, there was no need to post information about the products on a series of panels. Epson highlighted how this panel-free display method itself mitigates environmental impacts.

Inkjet printers for the home and projected images
Cartridge-less inkjet printer

Epson engineers its printers and other products with the entire product life cycle in mind, from the development and manufacturing stages through to use and recycling by the customer. (See Environmental product development lifecycle) A workshop held at the Epson booth gave visitors the opportunity to experience the Epson product life cycle philosophy hands-on by disassembling end-of-life printers* and sorting them into their component materials for recycling.
*In the interests of safety, Epson prepared simplified printers specifically for disassembly at the exhibition.

Hands-on printer recycling workshop
Sorting disassembled parts into recyclable materials

Another demonstration showed an interactive electronic whiteboard system based on an ultra-thin projector paired with an electronic whiteboard unit (sold only in Japan). This advanced standalone unit turns an existing Epson projector connected to a PC into an interactive projector. The system saves resources normally used in meetings, because notes and other changes scribbled on projected images can be saved as data, eliminating the need to distribute hardcopies of materials

Interactive system demonstration using a projector
and an electronic whiteboard unit
Ultra-thin projector paired with electronic whiteboard unit

There were also displays that offered presentations on ink cartridge recycling and other Epson environmental initiatives, demonstrations of new business inkjet, large-format inkjet, laser printer, and compact desktop PC products (sold only in Japan), and an explanation of a industrial digital label printer based on Epson's core Micro Piezo inkjet technology.

Performers introduce ink cartridge recycling
Soft packaging proof printer demonstration

In addition to the product exhibition, Epson carried out a survey to learn about the kind of environmental activities in which exhibition visitors participate, and also their requirements for Epson products. From 800 answers, Epson learnt that numerous visitors regularly try to save energy and recycle resources, and that they want products that are more compact from the points of view of both of conservation and usability. Epson is presently analyzing these results, and is considering ways in which it can implement them into its product designs going forward.

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