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Contributing to the SDGs

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Commitment to the SDGs

Epson is committed to co-creating sustainable and enriched communities by addressing solutions to environmental problems and other societal issues, as well as by providing surprise and delight that exceed customer expectations. This commitment is aligned with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.

We will contribute to the achievement of a better and more sustainable future as envisioned by the SDGs by using our efficient, compact, and precision technologies and digital technology to connect people, things, and information and by applying new ideas and methods to create fresh value.

Yasunori Ogawa
Yasunori Ogawa
President and CEO
Seiko Epson Corporation

Epson's Initiatives and Their Relationship to Our SDGs

In the 2020 fiscal year, Epson identified four materialities (priority issues) that it should address in order to contribute to solutions to societal issues and progress toward its aspirational goal of achieving sustainability and enriching communities. Epson selected 12 key sustainability topics that it will act on to achieve the materialities.

After analyzing the relationship between the 12 key sustainability topics and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based on the 169 SDG targets, we found that the actions we are currently taking will contribute to all 17 of the SDGs. (Please see the chart below for details.)

Epson will help to achieve the SDGs by acting on the key sustainability topics, thereby achieving sustainability and enriching communities.

Key Sustainability Topics and Their Relationship to the 17 SDGs

There are 169 targets under the SDGs. The figures in the table below indicate the targets that Epson is addressing (as of August 2021).

Registration as an SDG Partner in Nagano Prefecture

Nagano Prefecture, home to Seiko Epson's Head Office, has launched some of the most progressive SDG initiatives in Japan. One such initiative is an SDG partner registration system. The prefecture works with business groups, financial institutions, universities, and other supporting organizations in environmental, social, and economic areas to increase the value and competitiveness of local companies and to promote action against the SDGs among them.

To synchronize our actions with those of the Nagano Prefecture government, we applied for registration as an SDG partner based on the actions we have taken to date to achieve the SDGs.
A company must meet two requirements for registration:

  1. It must submit a written declaration of commitment to achieving the SDGs.
  2. It must take specific actions to achieve the SDGs.

We met the first requirement by declaring management policies and actions to achieve the SDGs. We met the second requirement by submitting information about specific actions being taken in each of 42 items mapped to the 17 SDGs and 169 targets. Seiko Epson was registered as a Nagano Prefecture SDG partner in July 2020.

We will report our progress on the SDGs annually to the prefecture government and will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs throughout our supply chain.

Registration to the Kitakyushu SDGs Registration System

In November 2021, Epson became the first business operator to be registered under the Kitakyushu SDGs Registration System launched by Kitakyushu City. Kitakyushu was the first city selected for the SDGs Future City program and for an SDGs model project for local governments, in 2018. The purpose of the registration system is to provide visibility into enterprise initiatives that will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, show how they are tied to Kitakyushu's SDGs Future City Plan, and induce and accelerate local SDG efforts. Epson is involved in Kitakyushu City's KAMIKURU Project, a scheme for producing and providing upcycled products made from paper recycled using Epson's dry-process PaperLab office papermaking system. We will continue to work with project members to contribute to SDG activities in Kitakyushu by developing products and activities that reduce environmental impacts, creating diverse employment opportunities, and providing educational opportunities for future generations.

Mr. Okuno, P Office & Home Planning & Design Department, Seiko Epson Corporation, and Mr. Takada, Kyushu Sales & Marketing Department, Epson Sales Japan Corporation, at the registration certificate issuance ceremony.
The registration certificate was printed on upcycled heavy weight paper created by the KAMIKURU Project using a PaperLab to recycle used copier paper from Kitakyushu City Hall.

Building Awareness In-house

JICA Lecture on the SDGs

In October 2020, Mr. Hirohito Takata, then of the Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) Tokyo Center, gave a lecture on the subject of world issues as seen from the SDGs at Epson's Value Creation Fair, an annual event held to share information about technologies within the Epson Group. This lecture, which introduced some of JICA's projects and programs around the world, sought to foster awareness of social issues facing emerging countries and provide insights that can be used in the development of technology products. Mr. Takata gave examples of SDGs that JICA is addressing. He spoke about specific activities that Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers are engaged in at home and abroad and about actions required of companies. The lecture, which was broadcast online because of the pandemic, was heard by nearly 500 employees, who found it to be a meaningful opportunity to learn about social issues. After the lecture, there was a discussion about efforts to achieve the SDGs through corporate activities. This served to expand the range of ideas for developing products that contribute to solutions to social issues.

Message from Hirohito Takata

Thank you for inviting me to speak about the SDGs. The passion of your people, whether engineers or office staff, was evident and clearly showed the seriousness of your commitment to action as a company. The SDGs are multi-faceted. Some sides require corporate initiatives, others individual actions. I earnestly hope that Epson and its people will achieve sustainable regional development. I also hope to see Epson and JICA develop a partnership that will enable us to contribute to solving societal issues in a post-pandemic world.

Introductory online course on the SDGs (2020)

In the 2020 fiscal year, the Epson Group's approximately 19,500 people in Japan, including executives, were required to complete an online course and to read the company's Integrated Report to familiarize them with the SDGs. Through the online course, our people read about examples of actions the company is taking to achieve the SDGs and learned how various operations and tasks relate to the SDGs. The course was designed to trigger a sense of ownership among and personal action by employees. Our people were also asked to read aloud in groups about the various SDG initiatives described in the Integrated Report and to then discuss them. This served as an opportunity to further deepen understanding of the SDGs and of Epson's own initiatives. These activities gave employees a clearer picture about the connection between their jobs and the SDGs, renewed their awareness of initiatives being taken to achieve a sustainable society, and prompted them to think again about societal demands and social responsibilities, and how their actions day to day, both professional and private, are tied to them.