Sustainability at Epson

Sustainability Communications

Epson provides information to its stakeholders about its sustainability activities. But Epson also listens to stakeholders’ views and suggestions to help formulate strategies and actions. Epson thus uses various means to maintain two-way communication with stakeholders as a way to improve the quality of its sustainability activities.

Event Sponsorship and Exhibition

Co-Sponsor and Exhibitor at the 2021 Sustainable Brands International Forum in Yokohama*1

Epson co-sponsored and exhibited at the 2021 Sustainable Brands International Conference in Yokohama, which ran from February 24 to 25.1 This was the third consecutive year that Epson has served as a co-sponsor.
The theme of SB2021 was "ReGENERATION," which aligns with Epson's goal of achieving sustainability in a circular economy. Epson showcased the social value that it can provide as a company and emphasized the need for co-creation to drive innovation.

In a plenary speech, Tatsuaki Seki, Seiko Epson director and managing executive officer, presented examples of how digital textile printing can solve problems in the fashion and apparel industry and how virtual schools can provide equal education around the world. He also called for co-creation to build robust ecosystems for achieving these.

In a breakout session, an art director, printer, retailer, and Epson employee took the stage as players responsible for building actual ecosystems. They discussed societal issues facing the fashion and apparel industry, efforts being made by various companies to solve those issues, and future possibilities. The value of digital textile printing was reiterated. As a kimono and other articles of digitally printed clothing were displayed, the panel discussed the value created by digital printing, including its production efficiency and its advantages in terms of environmental impact and better work environment.

The Epson booth, which fsshion designer/art director Aguri Sagimori had a hand in designing, exhibited many digitally printed textile works.
Visitors had a chance to see, touch, and get a sense of the outstanding quality of design, feel, and texture of these textiles.

*1 Sustainable Brands conferences are among the world's largest conferences on the subject of sustainability. Sustainable Brands was launched in 2006 in the United States under the shared recognition that embedding the idea of sustainability in business strategies is essential for enhancing corporate competitiveness and brand value.

Participant in SDGs National Forum in Nagano 2020

The SDGs National Forum was held in Nagano Prefecture in January 2021. Sponsored by Nagano Prefecture and with the backing of the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of the Environment, the forum is a venue for proposing new ideas for living and working in an age of longevity and for sharing information about progressive practices for achieving the SDGs. The two-day event was held online, and a total of 2,536 people from across Japan watched and participated.

SDGs National Forum in Nagano 2020

Harushi Yoshihashi, general manager of Seiko Epson's Sustainability Promotion Office, participated in a subcommittee panel discussion on the topic of global trends and new developments in SDG management. He gave examples of what Epson has done to date to contribute to the SDGs and then exchanged opinions with the other panelists. He spoke about and gave examples of how companies influence the entire supply chain and how they address business and human rights issues.
The audience asked many questions about how to balance business with SDG initiatives, signaling that business interest in the SDGs is increasing.

Subcommittee Participants

Masao Seki Specially Appointed Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Meiji University/Senior Advisor, Sustainability Promotion Department, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
Mariko Kawaguchi Specially appointed professor at Rikkyo University/Assistant CEO of Fuji Oil Group Headquarters Co., Ltd.
Katsuhiro Kondo Patagonia Provisions, Manager
Chika Yamanaka Program Director, Toyota Mobility Fund
Harushi Yoshihashi General Manager of the Government & Public Affairs Department and the Sustainability Promotion Office, Seiko Epson Corporation
Tomoko Hoshino (Coordinator), Vice Chair, Environmental Partnership Council

Local Communities

Discussions with Local Citizens

Seiko Epson and Epson Group companies engage members of the communities in which they operate. We are working to build trust with these communities by explaining our business, environmental activities, and risk management system as well as by actively listening to their needs and issues.

In October 2020, we created an opportunity to meet and talk with local officials, including the mayor of Fujimi, Nagano Prefecture, home to the Suwa Minami Plant and the Fujimi Plant. We presented information about our site wastewater treatment facilities, Epson PaperLab office papermaking systems, and Epson textile printers and textile printing technologies. We also discussed and shared ideas about driving regional and company growth in a pandemic.

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