Dialogue with Students and Educators

Design Internships

Twice every year, in summer and winter, Epson offers design internships led by designers working in the vanguard of industry. This gives participants the direct experience of a corporate atmosphere, a chance to learn how to think up their own ideas and bring them to life, and a venue for enjoyable interaction with young designers and students from other schools.

The design internship program of February 2017, led by a Contemporary Master Craftsman*1, gave participants a uniquely Epson experience of monozukuri (the art and science of manufacturing), which included watch assembly and observation of production processes.

Participant feedback included comments like "The presentations by other students made me aware of new things." Another said, "I was really delighted when the second hand started to move during the watch assembly program." Yet another added, ",I learned a lot in these five days experiencing Epson and its technologies."

*1 A nickname for "outstanding engineers," that is, technicians with outstanding skills and recognized as such by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare under its program.

Participants consider a problem


Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Museum

The Monozukuri Museum within Seiko Epson's Head Office is a space with exhibits of historically significant documents and milestone products that the company has developed, manufactured, and sold since its founding.

The museum consists of a history area where exhibits illustrate Epson's history and an experience area that mainly shows products from Epson's four innovation areas: inkjet, visual communications, wearables, and robotics.

Products on display in the history area show off Epson's history of monozukuri and include the world's first analog quartz watch along with the EP-101, the world's first ultra-compact electronic printer from which the Epson brand got its name. In the experience area, visitors can experience products representative of each of the four innovation areas. They can, for example, enjoy 3D images created by smart glasses and projectors.

35SQ Astron, the world's first analog quartz watch
EP-101, the world's first ultra-compact electronic printer
BT-300 smart glasses with organic electroluminescence

Photo Contests

Epson holds various contests to support the creative efforts of photographers and customers across the globe.

  • Epson Photo Grand Prix 2016: Epson Sales Japan Corp.
  • The Epson International Pano Awards 2016: Epson Australia Pty. Ltd. (EAL)