Corporate Citizenship

Social Welfare

"Fantas Aquarium" Using Projected Images (Japan)

Since FY2015, Seiko Epson Corporation has been operated its Fantas Aquarium using projected images at hospitals and special-needs schools around Japan. From June to December 2017, the company held performances at 28 locations nationwide. Over 200 employees volunteered to take part during working hours with the full support of the company.

Participants at the events were extremely positive. "This is the first time our child has taken such a deep interest in anything," "Surrounded by images, I was overcome with a special feeling of relaxation," and "The children were each in their own world, but they experienced a wonderful space shared with various people."

Participants enjoying the Fantas Aquarium experience different sensations. Epson will continue to provide the Fantas Aquarium experience in FY2018.

Cooperation with a UNICEF-Sponsored Photo Exhibition (Germany)

Epson Deutschland GmbH (EDG) cooperated in the UNICEF Photo of the Year 2017 by printing the photographs.

UNICEF Photo of the Year 2017 is a photography contest held by UNICEF in Germany since 2000, featuring photographs by professionals on the theme of children around the world and their living environment. In FY2017, data for 1,500 photographs was submitted to the contest, and EDG cooperated by printing the photographs for the selection procedure.

The award ceremony took place in the Germany Federal News Agency, and the award-winning works printed in special large format by EDG were exhibited at the venue.