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Social Welfare

"Fantas Aquarium" Using Projected Images (Japan)

Seiko Epson has been bringing the Fantas Aquarium to hospitals and special-needs schools around Japan since 2015. In FY2019, the company staged this projection-based production at 17 locations nationwide, welcoming 7,341 visitors. The shows were set up and run with the help of 181 employee volunteers. The company encourages and supports volunteers by treating this work as a business trip. In 2020, with access to facilities limited due to the pandemic, Epson loaned them a Fantas Car (a mobile cart equipped with a projector).

Hospital and school staff members, as well as members of the children´s families, often report that children are stimulated by and respond positively to the Fantas Aquarium. Even children who normally sleep all day will suddenly open their eyes to follow images or will reach out to try to touch them, their faces lit up in wonder. Children who are normally confined to a hospital room will shriek with delight at the prospect of an outing beyond their door.

Seiko Epson will take the Fantas Aquarium on the road once again in 2021.

An undersea world is created within gymnasiums
and large conference rooms.
Fantas Cars (mobile carts equipped with a projector) are used to bring
the Fantas Aquarium to hospital rooms and ward hallways.

Blood Donations (Worldwide)

Epson employees donate blood every year.