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Epson Supports Environmental Conservation and Education in the Philippines

- Corporate citizenship by recycling used batteries -

As one of Epson's largest manufacturing plants, Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. (Epson Precision (Philippines)), is conscious of its duty to protect the environment and contribute to the local community. This it does through its participation in Balik* Baterya, a battery recycling program run by Motolite, a major battery manufacturer in the Philippines. The program is designed to support education in the Philippines by converting used batteries into cash. This article reports how Epson Precision (Philippines) is engaging in corporate citizenship by recycling its used batteries.

* "Balik" means "return" or "repeat" in Filipino. In this case, it means "recycle."

Epson Precision (Philippines) joined the program in 2010 and has exchanged 2,300 kilograms of batteries for 63,000 Philippine pesos (approx. US$1,400). The funds were then used to donate textbooks, bookshelves, tables, and other supplies to Lodlod and Kayumanggi elementary schools in Lipa City. These supplies were used to create learning resource centers in the schools. The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English, but many students struggle with English and like to study English versions of Filipino children's stories and other picture books.

At the opening ceremony for one of the learning resource centers, an additional 600 books were donated for the children to study and Epson Precision (Philippines) president Osamu Koshiishi said in a speech, "Although this is only a small gesture, I do hope that it helps the children improve their reading ability and encourages them to study." He also read the story of the legendary Japanese dog Hachiko to students at Lodlod Elementary School.

EPPI will continue its support for education with the Balik Baterya Program.

Lipa City

Lipa is a city in the province of Batangas, Philippines. Located in the middle of Luzon, it has a population of around 260,000 inhabitants and is home to EPPI's manufacturing site. It faces Taal Lake and has a view of Taal Volcano, a volcanic island that as erupted over 30 times since 1572. The South Luzon Expressway, which was built with Japanese assistance, connects Lipa to Manila and provides convenient access to the city. Vilma Santos-Recto, the former mayor of Lipa and current governor of Batangas, is also a famous actress.

Members of the environmental committee of Epson Precision (Philippines) stand beside the collected batteries. By recycling several hundred batteries weighing a total of 2,300 kilograms in the Balik Baterya Program, they were able to contribute to environmental conservation and support education.

The bookshelf, picture books, textbooks, and other learning materials have been set up inside the learning resource center. The students jumped right in and began reading right after the opening ceremony.

President Koshiishi reads a book to the students. Movies are a major source of entertainment in the Philippines and the 2009 Hollywood remake Hachiko: A Dog's Story was a big hit. Mr. Koshiishi decided to read the original Japanese story at the recommendation of his staff.

Smiling students pose for a picture with the donated textbooks. Epson Precision (Philippines) will continue its steadfast support for education in the Philippines as a member of the community.