Corporate Citizenship

Environmental Conservation

The 16th Recycling Event (U.S.)

In April 2017, Epson Portland Inc. (EPI) and its employees held the annual Energy Saving and Global Environment Month. This year marked the 16th time this recycling event has been held, with the company collecting unwanted electronic appliances and waste paper.

More than 250 local people also took part in an event to collect harmful household waste in cooperation with the local government, gathering 17 tons of waste including old paint and used metal drums. The waste was transported from EPI to a waste processing plant where it was disposed of appropriately.

Environmental Beautification (China)

In December 2016, 40 employees of Fujian Epson Co., Ltd. (FJEC) carried out a clean-up in Fuzhou National Forest Park.

The clean-up activities at FJEC aim to ensure implementation of the environmental activity policy and raise employee environmental awareness. It has been held twice a year since 2014. This marks the sixth time the activities have been held. On the day, employees spent two hours picking up trash in the park.

By undertaking these environmental conservation activities, FJEC employees hope that members of the public will also get involved, creating a clean and beautiful environment.

Employees carrying out clean-up

Contributing to Environmental Conservation with a No Car Day (China)

Epson Precision Suzhou Co., Ltd (EPSZ) implemented a No Car Day in September 2016. In Suzhou where EPSZ is located, the number of private cars has been increasing, causing traffic congestion and environmental problems. With the aim of establishing healthy and contented lifestyles and an attractive city, EPSZ has been calling on employees who commute to work by car to use the company's own commuter bus or public transport. On the day, employees who agreed to the activity used other forms of transport.

EPSZ will continue to undertake environmental conservation initiatives that meet the needs of the region.

The employee car park on a normal day
The car park on No Car Day

Donations Tied to Used Cartridge Collection (Japan)

Seiko Epson participates in various programs for donating to environmental bodies, environmental groups, and environmental causes. Amounts are tied to the number of used ink cartridges and toner cartridges collected.