Corporate Citizenship

Education for Young People

Old Newspaper Recycling Class (Germany)

Since 2008, Epson Deutschland GmbH (EDG) has cooperated with Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion, a group that undertakes environmental education in primary and secondary schools, to offer classes on environmental protection for elementary school children in schools in Meerbusch, where EDG is located.

In the lesson in February 2017 based on the concept of 'something new from something old,' the children dissolved old newspapers and recycled them into cards to send to their friends.

The children asked many questions like, "How is paper made?", "What happens to household waste paper?", and "How can we save paper?" The instructors from Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion noted that actually recycling something makes it easier for children to understand the concept, and gives them an opportunity to think about it for themselves.

Children recycling old newspaper

Epson International Scholarship Foundation Students Visit the Shiojiri Plant (Japan)

Epson’s foundations aim to promote education, academic research, and culture, and to contribute to the development of local communities.

In August 2016, 13 international students from Asian countries on scholarships from the Epson International Scholarship Foundation visited Epson’s Shiojiri Plant in Shiojiri, Nagano in Japan , where the company develops its watches. They watched a DVD about the history of the transformation of watches and heard an overview of the company’s business. They then toured the plant and the history museum. The students showed a great interest in the work of the plant and the finished luxury wristwatches. In the question and answer session, the students showed a strong interest in watches by asking many questions about Epson’s technology and business, and future product development.

The scholarship students who
visited the Shiojiri Plant

Epson Information Science Vocational School (Japan)

Our society is increasingly built around information. To meet the needs of changing times, we established the Epson Information Science Vocational School in 1989. Its purpose is to develop technical personnel who are trusted by the community and can make wide-ranging contributions to society. As of March 2017, more than 2,500 persons have graduated from the college.

Most of the instructors are businesspeople or technical experts who have worked on the front lines of business. Even some of our own employees go out to the school to teach students. Classes are designed to ensure that students acquire technical skills they can put to practical use on the job. As a result of the school's efforts, we have made informal employment offers to 95% or more of each graduating class in the 28 years since it opened. The school continues to turn out a large number of persons who go to work in information technology, mechanics, electricity and electronics, and accounting.

Epson Information Science Vocational School
A class in session