Corporate Citizenship

Community Events

Participating in the Establishment of the Cikarang Japanese School (Indonesia)

PT. Indonesia Epson Industry (IEI) helped to establish a Japanese school in the Cikarang region in the eastern part of the Jakarta metropolitan area.

Many Japanese companies operate in the industrial parks around the Cikarang region, but the only Japanese school in Jakarta was the Jakarta Japanese School (JJS). Employees and their accompanying family members lived in central Jakarta out of necessity because the area is close to the Japanese school. It is, however, far from the Epson Indonesia plant. Therefore, in 2017, a community of Japanese industrial leaders established the Japanese School Establishment Committee, chaired by IEI President Eiichi Abe.

The Cikarang Japanese School (CJS) was opened in short order, in April 2019, and a ceremony was held in November. Masafumi Ishii, the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, joined the people involved in the school's founding, the faculty, and the students and their guardians to celebrate the opening of a school that Japanese children in the Cikarang area can attend. IEI President Abe served as the Vice Chairman of the JJS Maintenance Association, which is responsible for the CJS, until March 2020, and since April has been a member of the CJS steering committee.

Japanese School, Cikarang
Ambassador Ishii (3rd from left) and IEI President Abe (1st from right) who attended the memorial ceremony

Flood Disaster Relief Volunteer Effort (Japan)

A typhoon caused widespread flooding in Japan in October 2019. Seiko Epson's management and labor union jointly sponsored two groups of 113 employee volunteers to help with the cleanup effort in the Chikuma river area of Nagano Prefecture, where a failed levee resulted in massive flooding. Volunteers were divided into teams of several people each to help restore homes and buildings, both inside and out, by removing mud and cleaning residents' belongings. They also worked in apple orchards to clear away the heavy clay-like mud that had accumulated at the base of the trees to save next season's harvest.

Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival Sponsorship (Japan)

Seiko Epson helps to stimulate the local economy and community by serving, since 1956, as a sponsor of the annual Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival, held in the city of Suwa, Nagano prefecture, where the company is headquartered. An incredible 40,000 fireworks explode over the lake, their sound reverberating off the surrounding hills. The display ends with a cascade of sparkles along a two-kilometer stretch of the lake. This festival, one of the largest in Japan, is a local summer tradition that attracts some 500,000 visitors.

290 Days of Social Commitment (Germany)

Epson Deutschland GmbH (EDG) has been running its “190 Days of Social Commitment” program since 2008. The program began when 190 EDG employees each took one day of paid leave at their own convenience to serve the community by volunteering their time at social welfare facilities or schools in the area around the Meerbusch office.

EDG changed the name to “290 Days of Social Commitment” in the 2017 fiscal year because the number of employees had increased to 290. In FY2018, as part of this program, employees cooperated in a project to perform repairs on a local elementary school building and take residents of a home for senior citizens to an aquarium.

Movie Screenings (Taiwan)

Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT) has held movie screenings at elementary schools throughout Taiwan since 2009 to entertain children in the community. ETT provides the projectors and movies used at the venues. In FY2018, ETT showed movies 279 times at 60 schools. They were able to deliver the fun of movies to children in both urban and rural communities.

Beekeeping Project (Germany)

Epson Deutschland GmbH has been supporting a beekeeping program at a local Montessori School since 2014. Employees teach the schoolchildren how to conduct honeybee colony research, make beekeeping equipment, and create product labels using an Epson label writer. The students harvest, bottle, and provide the honey to people in the community.