Corporate Citizenship


Epson is committed to harmonious coexistence with society through programs rooted in local communities throughout the world based on its commitment to being "an indispensable company, trusted throughout the world," as stated in its Management Philosophy.

Recognizing that companies are expected to be even more socially involved, each and every employee will continue to contribute to Epson's standing as a good corporate citizen and facilitate mutually beneficial relationships. Epson's contributions go beyond financial support. Epson emphasizes contributions involving the technologies and knowledge that underpin its business as a way to give something back to society. Going forward, Epson will continue to engage in corporate citizenship activities, including contributions involving manpower.

Total Corporate Citizenship Expenditures (millions of yen)

Contribution Type FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Cash contributions 352 462 438 280 386
Employee volunteer activities during work hours (including self-directed program activities) 38 127 124 57 154
Provision of products and services 100 79 62 52 43
Others*1 121 154 271 187 183
Total 611 822 895 576 766

*1 Includes salaries and wages of personnel engaged full-time in corporate citizenship work as well as wages of personnel who engaged in volunteer activities outside work hours
* Our social contribution activities were sharply limited by COVID-19 in the 2020 fiscal year.