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At Epson, we have always exercised creativity and have challenged ourselves to deliver products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers around the world. We have done this by drawing on the efficient, compact, and precision technologies we have developed since the company was founded. In 2016, we formulated the Epson 25 Corporate Vision, which described how we wanted Epson to be in ten years and mapped out actions and a path to get there.

In recent times, humans have faced crises such as climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. People have always sought enrichment, but I believe that many of the issues we are facing may have been caused by a desire for personal affluence at the expense of others. I think the world desires more than just material and economic wealth. People also want other, less tangible forms of wealth. They want to be enriched spiritually and culturally. Sustainability is a fundamental requirement for achieving this. Epson is committed to achieving sustainability and enriching communities by working with customers and partners. To that end, we renewed Epson 25 in March 2021.

In Epson 25 Renewed, we have redefined the primary materialities (priority issues as a corporation) as achieving sustainability in a circular economy, advancing the frontiers of industry, and improving the quality of life. We will address these materialities by driving innovation in five areas: office and home printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visuals, and lifestyle. Epson's inkjet technology and other efficient, compact, and precision technologies reduce environmental impacts and increase productivity. I believe that these technologies, along with the new value they create, can play a major role in solving societal issues and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In addition, we will co-create sustainability and enrich communities by connecting people, things and information through digital technologies.

Epson, long a strong proponent of environmental action, has also revised Environmental Vision 2050. Our stated goals are to become carbon negative and underground resource-free by 2050.1

1 Underground resources are non-renewable resources such as oil and metals.

The actions we take will help to make the world a better place.

Yasunori Ogawa
Yasunori Ogawa
President and CEO
Seiko Epson Corporation

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