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Wearables Innovation

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Leverage our watchmaking heritage, refine leading technology, and offer a sense of status and fashion.

Junichi Watanabe
Managing Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer, Wearable Products Operations Division

Watches are a ¥7 trillion global market that we expect to steadily grow as the world’s population increases and as people in emerging regions become more affluent. We therefore believe there is ample room for sales growth.
Yet, each watch wearer is unique, and each see value differently, so growth in this market hinges on the ability to meet widely divergent tastes.
Epson designs and manufactures a variety of movements, from mechanical to quartz to Spring Drive. Our competitiveness comes largely from our ultra-precision processing technologies, especially for analog watches, and the development capabilities that enable us to continue to provide compelling products.
By taking maximum advantage of these technological capabilities and by continuing to satisfy customers and provide indispensable value, we will further increase brand value and continue growth in the watch market.

Watch Market Size

Watch Market Size

  • * Source of quantity data: statistics of the Japanese Clock & Watch Association
  • * Value: Epson research

Value Creation

  • State-of-the-art wearable and device technologies provide functionality and convenience.
  • Products of meticulous accuracy, beauty, and craftsmanship

Phase 1 Review

Total wearables sales fell short of the Phase 1 plan, in part because demand from visitors to Japan cooled.
In original brand products, we focused on the high value added analog segment where we capitalized on our unique technology. We also launched Trume, an original brand.
In the Seiko business, sales of new GPS models grew while luxury Spring Drive watches are steadily growing. Movement sales fell short of the plan due in part to sluggish market demand. Under the Phase 2 plan, we will focus more closely on our core competencies and strengthen areas that promise sustained growth.

Phase 1 Achievements

  • Focused resources on the high value added analog watch segment where we capitalized on our unique technology
  • Launched Trume as an Epson original watch brand

Epson 25
Phase 2 Mid-Range
Business Plan

  • Focus on the analog watch segment where Epson can capitalize on its strengths

Epson produces mechanical, quartz, Spring Drive, and other watch movements. One of our strengths is that we produce a high percentage of watch parts internally and have the capacity to invent new parts. We draw on a rich storehouse of technological assets to create original analog watches.
We will strive to increase our selling power for Epson brands (Orient Star/Orient and Trume) and expand the brand business while also growing the Seiko business.


Expand in the analog watch segment and create watches that are a pleasure to wear

We are looking to expand in analog watches, a segment where we can capitalize on our ultra-precision processing technology.
We will meet a wider range of analog watch needs with the Orient Star and Orient brands. In addition to a classic collection with watches of exquisite quality and practicality, we will meet these needs with a contemporary collection of watches for business settings and a sports collection with products for diving, the outdoors, and active lifestyles.

Analog watch collections ranging from classic to sports


Leverage our wearables technology to provide analog watches with new added value

Trume analog watches have built-in sensors and GPS-based time correction. They have evolved since the first Trume watch was released in 2017 to match wearers’ lifestyles and provide them with the joy of wearing.
The Trume lineup offers watches for various uses, with satisfying designs and optimal functions.

Sensors provide functions wearers need

Contribution to SDGs

Preserving Our Ultra-Precision Processing Technology Traditions

Relevant SDGs: 8.2 / Epson’s strengths: Technology and artisanship essential for the manufacture of analog watches / Created value: Passing down a rich heritage of accumulated technology

Epson has developed many ultra-precision processing technologies over the decades. We have world-class watch fabrication technologies and master craftspersons steeped in those technologies and traditions. These are a precious global cultural resource for current and future manufacturing that we will continue to nurture and pass down to future generations.

Yoshifusa Nakazawa

Yoshifusa Nakazawa
Contemporary Master Craftsman
Wearable Products Operations Division
Micro Artist Studio

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