Value Creation Infrastructure

Respect Human Rights and Promote Diversity

  • 4. Quality Education
  • 5. Gender Equality
  • 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 10. Reduced Inequalities
  • 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Message from Top Management

Masayuki Kawana
Director Executive Officer
General Administrative Manager, Human Resources Division

Epson is a vertically integrated global company that works to create value that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Doing that requires respect for basic human rights. It also demands that we develop global human resources who have a shared set of values and can make prompt and accurate decisions on the ground, a culture where our diverse personnel can live up to their potential, and better workplace environments. Through initiatives like these, Epson seeks to become a company indispensable to society as called for in our Management Philosophy.

Human Resources Development

Group Human Resources Development Policy

Epson develops its human resources in line with the Epson Group Human Resources Development Policy established in 1996, which designates talented people as a precious management resource and asserts that it is people that connect, support, and nurture the Epson Group. We assist employees so that they can achieve their dreams of self-fulfillment.
We provide training so that our people understand their roles and what is expected of them as members of the Epson team. Training enables them to work and communicate effectively, solve problems and achieve goals, and experience personal and professional growth.

Human Resources Development Policy

Develop Global Human Resources

Epson runs a global business. Thus, it is critical to our management that we foster global human resources that can help us pursue the common goals of our business, each within the role of his or her Epson Group company.
The Global Incubation Seminar (GIS) is a training program in which we share Epson’s vision and values with up-and-coming leaders from Group companies around the world and empower them to put these into practice in their own organizations. We have held GIS every year since 1999, training more than 380 individuals so far. We continue holding the Global Executive Seminar (GES) for executive management and trainings for leaders supporting our global business.

GIS/GES Target Trainees

Employee Surveys

Epson has conducted employee surveys since 2005 as we aim, as individuals and organizations, to foster a culture where we take the initiative, cooperate with each other, pursue challenging objectives, and enjoy free and constructive communication. Survey results are reported to executive management, passed on as feedback to workplaces, and used to build stronger organizations and better workplace cultures.

Employee surveys

  • *1 Survey is given to regular and employees after retirement age.
  • *2 Degree of satisfaction is defined as the percentage of respondents reporting scores of 3 or higher out of five levels.

Better Workplace Environments for Employees

Respecting Human Rights

Epson is serious about keeping all forms of discrimination and unfair practices out of its operations around the world. This stance is reflected in our participation in the United Nations Global Compact. Also, the Group’s policies regarding human rights and labor standards articulate Epson’s strong convictions in areas including respect for human rights, elimination of harassment, eradication of all forms of discrimination, respect for local culture and customs, prohibition of child and forced labor, and maintenance of positive labor-management relations. These attitudes are widely disseminated and practiced throughout the Group.

The Policies regarding Human Rights and Labor Standards

Health Management Initiatives

In 2019, METI and Nippon Kenko Kaigi recognized Seiko Epson under the White 500 program, large enterprise category, for the third consecutive year. Around the world, we conduct initiatives to improve health and safety under the motto “Safety and health are the lifeblood of the company.” In Japan, we established Health Action 2020, a mid-range plan for monitoring and improving both employee health and corporate value. Initiatives focus on workplace health and on physical and mental health, which are the foundation of a healthy workplace. These initiatives include things such as work reforms and personnel policies designed to invigorate both individuals and organizations and build a stronger sense of unity, thereby boosting productivity.

White 500 program

Work Reform

Epson defines its work goals and work culture. Since FY2017, we have been comprehensively reforming the way we work through our WILL BE program. It sets targets for working hours in the medium term, among others. Objectives include preparing the work environment, raising labor productivity, making use of diverse personnel, and managing health.

Epson’s work goals and work culture

Annual total working hours per employee


Promoting Diversity

Epson’s true customers are end-users the world over. To enrich their lives, we have to understand them and meet their needs.
To achieve this, our own diversity is important. We believe that only with a diverse workforce of people who have respect for one another and who know and practice what is important can we create customer value. To deliver results that surprise and delight our customers, Epson promotes female managerial staff and foreign nationals, fostering a corporate culture that enables diverse personnel to display their abilities to the full.

Number of female managers

Number of employees with disabilities

*3 Percentage of current managers

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