Financial and Non-Financial Highlights

Financial Highlights


¥ 1,089.6 billion

Sales of strategic products grew, but revenue declined due to negative forex effects, trade friction, plummeting currencies and economic stagnation in some emerging countries, and insufficient results from growth initiatives.

Business Profit

¥ 70.4 billion

Business profit declined year on year in FY2018. Although gross profit rose on an improved model mix and a change in the method of accounting for inventory devaluations had a one-time positive effect, business profit fell due mainly to an increase in administrative expenses as we continued to invest in future growth.

Profit for the Year Attributable to Owners of the Parent Company/ROE

¥ 53.7 billion

ROE 10.2 %

We recorded a decrease in foreign exchange loss and a gain on sales of idle fixed assets. Moreover, our tax expenses decreased compared to last year, when there was a partial reversal of deferred tax assets accompanying U.S. tax reform.
As a result, ROE improved from last year to 10.2%.

Free Cash Flow

¥ -5.7 billion

Net cash provided by operating activities decreased year on year primarily due to increases in inventories and the payment of trade payables, while net cash used in investing activities increased mainly due to the acquisition of property, plant and equipment. As a result, free cash flow decreased year on year and was negative.

Capital Expenditure

¥ 82 billion

We continue capital spending as planned to lay a foundation for long-term growth, but in FY2018, we invested mainly in new products and additional production capacity for core printer and projector products.

Research and Development Expense

¥ 58.2 billion

In addition to developing the next-generation products, core technology, and key devices (printheads, microdisplays, etc.) that will drive future growth, we are working to strengthen manufacturing infrastructure and create new businesses.

Non-Financial Highlights

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions*1

502 K t-CO2e

In FY2018, all Epson sites drove energy-saving initiatives to make progress toward our SBTi-validated target of reducing scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 19% compared to FY2017 by 2025.
This, along with the use of renewable energy, enabled us to achieve a 15% reduction.

Water Use

8,351K m³

All sites are working to conserve water. However, the 8,351K m³ of water used in FY2018 was slightly more than in FY2017, leaving us short of our goal of reducing year-on-year water use.

Total Employees & Overseas Employees as a % of the Total

Total employees 76,647
Overseas employees
as a % of the total

The total number of employees rose slightly as we continued to strengthen our overseas manufacturing organizations and our sales organizations.

Employees with Disabilities in the Epson Group in Japan*2

2.55 %

We set a target of 2.5% in FY2020 and are looking to expand employment opportunities.

Outside Officers as a % of Total Officers*3

5 people

Independent outside directors must comprise at least 1/3 of the board. They are responsible for management oversight, advice for enhancing operational efficiency, and monitoring of conflicts of interest.

Analyst and Investor Meetings & Overseas IR Events

Meetings 297 times
Overseas IR events 66 times

Seiko Epson's management team and IR department meet and talk with analysts, institutional investors, and individual investors to deepen mutual understanding and build long-term relationships.

  • *1 Combined total scope 1 (direct emissions from the use of fuels, etc.) and scope 2 (indirect emissions from purchased energy, etc.) emissions
  • *2 The figures for each year are as of June 1 of the year in question.
  • *3 The number of officers as of the end of June of each year

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