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S1C17 Family development environment

gdb-01 Sudden change of the values of auto variables in Watch window
Terget Version All versions
Question Variable values in the Watch Window is changed unintensionally.
The actual values seem to be correct but they are displayed wrong.
Answer Auto variables are allocatated on either stack or register while functions is executed.
Then, the location for these data varies all the time.
Additionally, in case that the variables are allocated to registers, some other variables use the same registers .
When the used variables is referred, there is a case that the different variables (is used in same register) is displayed.
That is the same as the variable referrence in other windows than Watch window, and this happens more frequently when the compiler optimization level is higher.

This does not apply for global variables, which are allocated at the same memory address throughout.
gdb-02 Can not start the functions when step is executed.
Terget Version All versions
Question When "step" is executed in the source window, functions sometimes does not start .
Answer It is because of the optimization of code by compiler.
The program location changes as the program language changes from C to assembler due to optimization of code by compiler. Then, it looks like that the program is not existing.

In this case, it can be avoided by setting the optimization off.
Refer the S5U1C17001C manual "6. C compiler" about setting of opitimization.
gdb-03 GDB hangs while loading program.
Terget Version All versions
Question GDB hangs while loading program.
Answer Is the debug RAM broken by loading code or data to internal RAM area?

For example, in S1C17701, 0xfc0-0xfff 64 bytes are reserved for debug RAM.
When this area is broken, the S1C17 debug function does not work, and the program can not loaded
gdb-04 Load two different files to flash memory.
Terget Version All versions
Question Is there any way to load the new different program to flash memory as having left a part of the program on flash memory?
(Is there any way to load two different files to flash memory?)
Answer It can be loaded by following procedure.

#1. Read out a part of program on flash memory before erasing it, and save it as file.
#2. The new program is loaded to flash memory
#3. The data is saved at #1 is reloaded to flash memory.

Below is the example of command file.

Example command file Example command file

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