Non-Promotion and Discontinued Products

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Non-Promotion Products

Epson is considering the discontinuation of the following products, though they will be continuously supplied to the customers currently using them. For your new projects, however, please consider alternative products. For more information, please contact an Epson sales representative in your region.

Products Model names Month/Year
4-bit Microcontrollers S1C6N3B0, S1C6A3B0, S1C62M20, S1C63256, S1C05250, S1C05251 April 2009
S1C636C4 April 2008
8-bit Microcontrollers S1C88349, S1C88649, S1C88650, S1C88655, S1C8F626,
S1C88848, S1C88816
September 2012
16-bit Microcontrollers S1C17501 December 2013
32-bit Microcontrollers S1C33L01, S1C33L03, S1C33L11, S1C33401, S1C33209, S1C33205, S1C33222, S1C33221, S1C33240, S1C33210, S1C33701, S1C33S01,
S1C33L05, S1C33L15, S1C33L19, S1C33A01,S1C33E07,
December 2013
Display Controllers S1D13719F00A, S1D13742B01C, S1D13743B00C, S1D13A05F00A,
S1D13745A01B,S1D13701F00A, S1D13702F00A, S1D13703F00A, S1D13771,S1D13774,S1D13745
February 2013
USB Controllers S1R72U16, S1R72U01, S1R72U06, S1R72V18, S1R72V27, S1R72V17, S1R72C05, S1R72V05, S1R72V03, S2R72V18, S2R72V27, S2R72C05, S1R72005 April 2010
S1R72015A00A April 2008
ATA Controller S1R72H74 April 2010
SD Memory Card Controller S1R72E11 April 2010
IEEE1394 Controllers S1R72803F, S1R72805F, S1R72900F, S1R72901F, S1R72902 April 2010
Analog Front Ends (AFEs) S7R77S14F, S7R77021, S7R77024F, S1R77022F, S1R77081F, S1R77082F, S1R77084F, S1R77009F April 2010
Network Controllers S1S65000F00A, S1S65010, S1S65000F00A, S2S65A00, S2S65A30 June 2012
Clock ICs S1T54110F April 2009
S1T54100B April 2008
Power Management ICs S1F76680, S1F87110 August 2009
LCD Drivers S1D19122D00B, S1D15605, S1D15606, S1D15607, S1D15E06, S1D15705, S1D15707 May 2013

(As of May 2013)

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Discontinued Products

Epson reached the conlusion of the discontinuation of the products listed below. If you are currently using any of the following products, please order the required quantity by the final order receipt date. For your new projects, please consider alternative products. For more information, please contact an Epson sales representative in your region.

Products Model names Final order receipt date
4-bit Microcontrollers S1C60L01, S1C60N01, S1C60L02, S1C60N02, S1C60L03, S1C60N03, S1C60N14, S1C60N15, S1C60A15, S1C6S2N7, S1C6S2L7, S1C6S2B7, S1C6S2A7, S1C6S3N7, S1C6S3L7, S1C6S3B7, S1C63358, S1C6P366, S1C63406, S1C6F416, S1C63458, S1C63466, S1C6P466, S1C63557, S1C6F567, S1C6F666, S1C63708, S1C63808, S1C05112 Sep. 30, 2010
8-bit Microcontrollers S1C88104, S1C88112, S1C8E108, S1C88308, S1C88317, S1C8F360, S1C88832, S1C88862 Sep. 30, 2010
Clock ICs S1T98B00B10A1, S1T98B00B11A1, S1T98B00B20A1, S1T98B00B21A1, S1T98B00B22A1 Sep. 30, 2010
Power Management ICs S1F78520M0A0, S1F81100F0E1, S1F75510M0A0, S1F77600Y0A0, S1F77600M0A0, S1F76980F0A0, S1F76980F0B0, S1F76980F0C0, S1F76600M1E0, S1F76620M0C0, S1F76610M2E0, S1F76540M0C0, S1F76640M0C0, S1F78101Y3C0, S1F78101Y3T0, S1F78101Y3K0, S1F78101Y3B0, S1F78B20M, S1F78B20Y, S1F78B17B, S1F78B17Y, S1F77201Y1C0, S1F77201Y1F0, S1F77201Y1T0, S1F77211Y1R0, S1F77211Y1G0, S1F77211Y1T0, S1F77B01B, S1F77B01Y Sep. 30, 2010
ASICs S1L9000 Series, S1L20000 Series Sep. 30, 2010
LCD Drivers S1D10605D04B, S1D10606D04B, S1D10607D04B, S1D15206D00A, S1D15206F00A, S1D15208D00A, S1D15208F00A, S1D15705D03B, S1D15705T03A, S1D15707D03B, S1D15707T00A, S1D15707T03A,
S1D15708D00B, S1D15710D00B, S1D15710T00A, S1D15712T00A, S1D15714T00A, S1D15717D00B, S1D15719D10B, S1D15719D11B, S1D15719D12B,S1D15A08D00B, S1D15E00T00A,S1D15E06T00A, S1D17A03T00A,S1D17A04T00A,S1D17A07D00A, S1D17E01D00A
Dec. 26, 2012
Thermal-head Drivers S1D53130D0A0, S1D53160D0A0, S1D53170D0A0, S1D53610D0A0, S1D56500D0A0, S1D56820D0A0 Sep. 30, 2010
LED Printer-head Drivers S1D41010D0B0 Sep. 30, 2010

(As of May 2010)

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