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Reference Design

Reference design for open source hardware platform Arduino®

・S5U13781R01C100 S1D13781 shield TFT evaluation board compatible with the Arduino® Due


The S1D13781 Shield TFT Board adds support for up to WQVGA TFT graphics to the Arduino Due and provides a software library of simple graphics functions. It is designed to provide evaluation of the S1D13781 LCD controller and enables rapid prototyping on the Arduino Due board. It uses the Arduino Due’s standard SPI interface, providing a simple hardware connection which is powered by the Arduino Due board. The S1D13781 Shield board includes two FPC connectors (40-pin and 54-pin) which can be used to connect to a WQVGA or QVGA TFT panel available separately.

The S1D13781 is a simple, multi-purpose Graphics LCD Controller with 384KByte embedded SRAM display buffer which supports RGB interface TFT panels. The embedded display buffer allows WQVGA up to 480x272 at 24bpp, or 480x272 at 16bpp (Main Layer) and 480x272 at 8bpp (PIP Layer) for two layer display. The S1D13781 is a flexible, low power, single chip solution designed to meet the demands of embedded markets and devices where total system cost and battery life are major concerns.

The S1D13781 Shield TFT Board can also be used to evaluate the low cost S1D13L01 LCD Controller which shares the same features as the S1D13781 except for BitBLT functionality*.

* See the S1D13781 and S1D13L01 Hardware Specifications for complete feature list.



  • Simple connection with Arduino Due using SPI
  • Graphics Library for use with Arduino Sketch IDE
  • 40-pin FPC Connector for 480x272 TFT
  • 54-pin FPC Connector for 320x240 TFT
  • LED Backlight Driver included on Shield board
  • 3.3V IO
  • Integrated Epson S1D13781 LCD Controller with:
  • 384KByte Embedded Memory
  • Multiple Window (Layer) support for Main and PIP
  • Rotation (SwivelView™) 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Alpha Blending, Transparency, Flashing

Software Library

The S1D13781 Shield Graphics Library is used with the Arduino Sketch IDE to provide hardware access and simple graphics routines which enable users to quickly display graphics and text to a LCD panel connected to the S1D13781 Shield TFT Board.

Available Functions:

  • Direct Hardware Access – routines for Register and Memory IO, and functions to control S1D13781 features
  • Draw Pixel – draws pixel at specified x,y location using selected color
  • Draw Line – draws line between specified x,y locations using selected color
  • Draw Rectangle – draws rectangle (or filled rectangle) using selected color
  • Draw Text – draws text and multiline text to the specified window using a customizable font
  • Copy Area – routine which uses the BitBLT function to copy image data to another area of the display


S1D13781 + Arduino Due



Prepared reference design with four your main CPU vendors in industrial application.

S1D13517 with PIC32

S1D13781 with STM32 VL discovery (ARM Cortex-M3)
S1D13781 with STM32 F4 discovery (ARM Cortex-M4)

S1D13513 with Kinetis (ARM Cortex-M4)

S1D13781 with Tiva C series (ARM Cortex-M4) and MSP430 series
URL:http://sg.mouser.com/new/epsonelectronicsamerica/epson-s5u13781r00c10m/   URL:http://vdc.epson.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=11&Itemid=435



This reference design system consists of following parts and the connection and the display has been evaluated and confirmed by Epson.Epson also provides the sample software and demonstration guide . So you can evaluate quicky and easily the LCD system.


  • (1) Hardware
  • - MCU evaluation board : STM32VL-Discovery (STMicroelectronics)
  • - LCDC evaluation board : S5U13781R00C100 (EPSON)
  • - 3.5" QVGA TFT module : T-55343GD035JU-LW (Optrex)
  • - 4.3" PSP TFT module : ATM0430D5 (XIAMEN ZETTLER)
  • - 3.5" QVGA TFT module : LMT035KDH03 (Shenzhen TOPWAY)
  • (2) Connection
  • - SPI IF between STM32VL-Discovery and S5U13781R00C100
  • - RGB IF between TFT modules

Document and Sample demonstration software


(1) LCD panels for the reference design
You can use the all LCD panels at "The connection guide with LCD" for this reference design. For example, Optrex, ORTUSTECH, Zettler, TOPWAY.

(2) How to transfer Bitmap data from PC to the Flash memory on S5U13781R00C100
For this transmission, it needs to use "UM232H by FTDI" (USB serial converter), please refer to the "S5U13781R00C100 Demonstration Guide" for further information.



Epson will provide the sample software and demonstration guide for the below system. So you can evaluate quick and easily the LCD system.


  • (1) Hardware
  • - MCU evaluation board : STM32F4-Discovery (STMicroelectronics)
  • - LCDC evaluation board : S5U13781R00C100 (EPSON)
  • - 4.3" PSP TFT module : ATM0430D5 (XIAMEN ZETTLER)
  • (2) Connection
  • - SPI IF between STM32 F4-Discovery and S5U13781R00C100
  • - RGB IF between TFT modules

Document and Sample demonstration software