Display Controllers

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What is LCDC

A variety of display-embedded products are all around us

What's this

Alpha blending

Display features (PIP: Picture-in-Picture)

Display features (Rotation or Mirror function)

Comparison of display and drawing features of main products

Feature/Product S1D13513 S1D13748 S1D13U11 S1D13781 S1D13517
PIP (Sub window overlay) good good good good good
Alpha blending
(Background Transparency)
good good bad bad bad
Alpha blending (Transparency) good good good good good
Scroll good good bad good bad
Rotation and Mirror good good bad good bad
High quality image good good - good -
Natural gradation good good - - -
Window enlarge or shrink good good - - -
Pixel doubling good good - - -
Fill good - - good -
Animation good - - - -
Multi drawings / Arbitrary rotation good - - - -
LED control (dimmer) 3+BL* - BL* - BL*
Touch panel IF - - good - -

*BL: Back light
bad: With some restrictions


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