Camera Interface ICs

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Very easy solution to make 4 channel camera system

Epson camera interface ICs is suitable for the multi camera system. They have the camera inputs of 4 channels and output with 4 kinds of modes; fixed chanel, mergence, auto scan, and compression. Because VRAM for the picture processing is built into, the camera interface of 4into1 can be achieved by single-chip.The number of the camera can be easily increased without any change from 1 camera system.

4ch digital camera mergence

Camera Interface ICs lineup

Status Download Model name Outline
MP Document download S2S65P10 The S2S65P10 converts the interlace signal into the progressive signal. The digital output of the NTSC/PAL video decoder can be converted into progressive.
MP S2D13P04 The S2D13P04 supports the NTSC/PAL signal. 4 video decoders are implemented to each 4 channels input independently,and video signal isoutput by stable frame rate.


The S2S65P10 is an IC that converts interlaced signals to progressive format.

By using this IC, the signal of the ITU-R BT.656 standard that the video decoder outputs can be converted into the progressive signal. Since the S2S65P10 comes equipped with a large volume of SRAM, external RAM is not required for temporary storage of read data.

The IC has 4 video inputs that allow static image display, automatic image switching, and output of 4 input images merged. The IC also comes with a motion detection function. It generates an interrupt to the host CPU when detecting something in motion.


Main features

  • One-chip solution for interlaced to progressive signal conversion
  • 4 video inputs/2 video outputs (one of these channels is used for both input and output)
  • Interlaced and progressive inputs
  • 30 fps (VGA) progressive output
  • Built-in image switch function (4-1 intelligent image switch)
  • 4 image merging
  • I2C interface to connect the host CPU
  • Built-in motion detector
  • Built-in aspect ratio change function
  • Large volume internal SRAM, not requiring external RAM
  • 8 GPIOs that allow easy control of external devices

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