USB bus switch ICs

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The bus switch IC from Epson, who produced excellent result in USB controller.This USB bus switch ICs supports USB 2.0 high-speed transmission by reduced switch pin capacitance. This product features the low power comsumption and compact package.

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USB bus switch ICs spec table PDF (40KB)


  • No external voltage level shifter is required thanks to the built-in level shifter
  • High voltage is allowed for input terminals (Recommeded maximum voltage: 5.5V)
  • Space-saving compact design packages

Main specifications

States Download Products Input voltage range Operational power consumption ON resistance Pin capacity Package
Manual PDF Data SheetPDF
MP S1F77310M0A Technical Manual
S1F77310M0A Data Sheet
S1F77310M0A 3.0V to 3.6V 14μA (Max.) 5.3Ω (Typ.) 1.7pF (Typ.) PLP-8pin
MP S1F77330 Series Technical Manual
S1F77330 Series Data Sheet
S1F77330B0A 3.0V to 3.6V 14μA (Max.) 6.0Ω (Typ.) D-system: 2.7pF (Typ.)
D*-system: 1.45pF (Typ.)
MP - - S1F77330M0A 3.0V to 3.6V 14μA (Max.) 6.0Ω (Typ.) D-system: 2.7pF (Typ.)
D*-system: 1.45pF (Typ.)

Note) D-system: DX, DY D*-system: D1X, D1Y, D2X, D2Y

Characteristic examples of USB 2.0 Eye-Pattern

Block diagram

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