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Vcd2apf start up guide

1. Required environment

To start Vcd2apf, Java SE 5.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 2.0 or Netscape 7.1 are required. The Vcd2apf program is designed to be upward compatible with Java and those web browsers. However, the tool might have behaved differently in detail between the versions. If you encounter any uncertain behavior in Java and your web browser, please let us know it regardless of their version. Epson will consider its improvement looking to upward compatibility.

2. To start

Click "Vcd2apf Convertor" to start the program. When the security window pops up, click "yes" to give the access permission to the program. If "no" is clicked, the program cannot access local files and does not function.

When "Vcd2apf" starts up, it reads in the epson_ic.dat file in the user home directory. This file keeps the saved data of the working directory and the font setting in the previous operation and retrieves them. It is possible to change fonts by clicking the "Font" button at the upper right corner of the display.

  • The default user home directory
    Windows: c:\Documents and Settings\(account name)
    Solaris: ~/

3. Security

The Vcd2apf is developed using Java Applet, and the security window pops up when it starts. Responding to this window by "yes" gives the all access right to the program, and thus it can cause serious damage if the program has malicious intent. Of course the Vcd2apf has neither malicious intent nor the function to access the network. The program only reads and writes the limited local files or those specified by the user. However, if you worry for answering "yes" to the pop up window, it is possible to set up the access permission more in detail. For more information, refer to the following web page.

Java security architecture

To implement the security measures properly, it is better to fully understand the description in the web page above. However, it has many technical terms and it is not easy to understand. Therefore, our sample of .java.policy can be downloaded to set individual access permission. Download the file to the following location, open it by editor, and modify the file referring to the comments starting with //.

  • The location of .java.policy
    Windows: c:\Documents and Settings\(account name)\ .java.policy
    Solaris: "/.java.policy

Download of sample .java.policy
(Right click "Download", and save the sample to the file.
When doing this, change the file name to ".java.policy" (do not forget typing"." (dot) at first), and specify "All files" for the file type.) This is because Windows can not handle well the file beginning its name with ".".

If the path and file names are not correctly described here, this .java.policy does not function properly. If the security window still opens for your confirmation to run the program, even though the line of "usePolicy" is not commented out nor deleted, check if the path and file names are correctly input.

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