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What is "G/A RAM library generation tool"?

The "G/A RAM library generation tool" is a tool to generate the RTL simulation library for gate array synchronous RAM with ease. Users can generate the library only by clicking the generation button, after selecting the gate array series and RAM type, and inputting the RAM size. However, for the security purpose, it is not allowed to directly save the generated description in the local file. To save it, copy and paste it to a text editor, such as "memo pad."

As for libraries to be generated, refer to "Libraries to be generated."

The "FONT" button allows you to change the font. However, if you change the font, what is shown on the display gets misaligned. To readjust the display, make a small change to the browser window size.

Required environment

Java SE 5.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0, or Firefox 2.0, or Netscape 7.1 are required to start the "G/A RAM library generation tool." The tool is designed to be upward compatible with Java and these web browsers. However, the tool may behave differently in detail between versions. If you encounter any uncertain behavior in Java and your web browser, please let us know about it regardless of their versions. Possible modification will be considered looking to upward compatibility.

To start

To start the program, simply click "G/A RAM library generation tool" New window and the operation screen appears on the browser.

About the tool display size

The display size of this tool is automatically stretched to fit the browser window size. If the width is too small to display all items, a red line is displayed on the right side of the tool panel. As the same as width, if the height is not enough, a red line is displayed on the down side of the tool panel. If the red line is displayed, make the browser window size bigger or the font size smaller.

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