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h series

H series

H series include a refined version of Epson's original smart motion control technology*1 and can be used in clean rooms and offer protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD).


  1. High speed
    • H series has a 20% shorter cycle time than G sereis in high-speed mode.

  2. Compact size
    • The H8 robots, which stand 600 mm tall and weigh 20-21 kg, are among the smallest and lightest SCARA robots in the 450-mm arm length class.

  3. Low vibration
    • Low-vibration mode can be used to reduce vibration an additional 50% and enable the H8 robots to automate more delicate assembly tasks.

Main Specifications

Model name H8
Max.Payload 8 kg
Arm length 450, 550, 650 mm
Cycle time(sec)*2 0.29,0.29,0.32
Repeatability ±0.015 mm
Operating environment specifications Standard/ Cleanroom (ISO 3 clean)+ESD
Mounting method Table top
Compliant controller RC700-A

*1:Smart Motion Control technology: Tuning and other original Epson robot control technologies that optimize robot motion (straight and arcing motions, and motion when carrying heavy loads) by enabling high speed while achieving low vibration
*2:Rough positioning with a 2 kg payload and using an arch motion (there are back in a 300-mm horizontal and 25-mm vertical motion)