Software options

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A wide range of controller options can be employed to further expand the variety of process tasks that you can automate.

VB Guide

Program and execute robot applications in a familiar Windows OS environment

  • Robots can be controlled using Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, LabVIEW, and other third-party programming languages.
  • Robot status and variable values can be captured.
  • The following EPSON RC+ windows and dialogs can be called from within a .NET application:
    Robot Manager
    I/O Monitor
    Task Manager
    Maintenace Dialog



External control point operation for precise positioning without complex calculations

  • For processes requiriyng the workpece to be moved against a fixed tool, external control points can be used to ensure precise positioning.
  • Up to 15 external control points can be set.

GUI Builder

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Easily create custom interfaces for your control programs

  • Quickly and easily create control program custom interfaces that can take the place of dedicated PLCs and display devices.
  • Full-featured toolset is easy to understand and use.
  • Enables simple GUI creation without using Visual Studio or other third-party software tools.
  • Makes it easy to build a graphical user interface, even if you've never built one before.


Restrict user access to programming functions for greater safety and security

  • Password-based protection levels can be set to restrict access to some parts of the EPSON RC+ system.
  • Helps prevent accidental or unauthorizes alteration of control programs when multiple operators need to have access to basic controls.


Integrated force-sensing technology for realtime force contorol

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  • Allows you to easily integrate force-sensing capability into your control programs.*
  • Force/torque values can be set for just one axis, or all six.
  • Trigger values can be set to stop robot motion when a specific force level is reached.
  • Up to two sensors can be mounted; data from sensors can be shared by multiple programs.

*ATI Industrial Automation, Inc force/torque components must be purchased separately.


Optical character recognition of text on parts and labels

  • For use with optional Vision Guide software.
  • Enables you to specify the font, font size, and number of characters of text that you want to read from an image.
  • A font creation function lets you create SEMI fonts and user-defined fonts from imaged characters or ASCII conversion files.