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Use the table below that shows the manipulator-controller combinations to choose the right controller for your robot. Choose from among the RC90, RC180, RC620, and RC700-A.
Please see the manipulator-controller combinations for compatibility.

Manipulator-Controller Combinations


The RC620 is a high-end version of the RC90 and RC180, with PC functions.As a work cell controller, the RC620 is loaded with functions that allow it to fully control entire automation systems, including robots, as well as multiple manipulators. The RC620 thus makes it possible to construct systems that are more complex, flexible, and wide-ranging.

Product features


  • A variety of systems can be built by using multiple manipulators and additional axis functions.
  • The RC620 drives two SCARA robots (8 axes)*1 and, with the addition of drive units, up to 16 manipulators (20 axes).
  • High expandability. A wide variety of options can be added to this powerful, PC-based controller, making it easy to provide the flexibility needed to meet a diverse range of applications for entire robot systems. Its open architecture means off-the-shelf PC hardware and software can be used.
  • GUI builder. Easily create custom operator windows without using a special display device or PLC.
  • A high-resolution image processing option boosts positioning and alignment accuracy.
  • High-speed conveyor tracking enables rapid pick-and-place of fast-moving parts and products.