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ULTIMICRON Set your Imagination Free

The appeal of ULTIMICRON in an EVF

An EVF that uses Epson's ULTIMICRON series of panels helps people "gaze" and makes taking pictures and videos a joy.

People can gaze at the subject exactly as it will appear until the final moment when the shutter is released. Furthermore, only an EVF can provide a helpful information display. These are the greatest advantages of the EVF.
We believe that a "natural and beautiful" image is essential to achieving an EVF that can serve as the photographer's "second eye."

The "ULTIMICRON" series was produced by applying the HTPS technologies that Epson has developed over the years. A "natural" appearance is one of the key goals of HTPS. To this end, many improvements have been made to color reproduction, brightness and display quality in addition to resolution. The ULTIMICRON announced in 2009 was the result of collaborative technological development in this area.

Going forward, ULTIMICRON will continue to evolve to realize an EVF that displays "natural and beautiful" images.

Advantages of an ULTIMICRON-based EVF

An EVF that displays "natural and beautiful" images
1. Sufficient brightness
2. High enough resolution to ensure sufficient visibility
3. Natural colors that are easy on the eyes
4. Beautiful display quality down to the smallest details

Benefits of EVF adopted ULTIMICRON

1. Sufficient brightness

ULTIMICRON ensures sufficient visibility in any environment, from the brightest sunlight to the evening darkness.

Sufficient brightness_1Sufficient brightness_2

Panel technology with high transmittance & aperture ratio

Transmittance & aperture ratio

White LED with high luminous efficiency
Achieved brightness of 460 cd/m² (as of October 2009)

2. High enough resolution to ensure sufficient visibility

With a resolution approaching that of the human eye, ULTIMICRON can produce images that have no visible pixilation. This allows photographers to accurately focus on the intended subject and get a sense of the texture.

High-definition can secure sufficient visibility_1

High resolution & miniaturization technologies

Pixel: Polarizer, TFT Layer, Liquid Crystal Layer, Color Filter Layer, Polarizer, Backlight

Each pixel is made up of red, blue and green dots. With enough effective pixels, high-resolution images can be shown. The ULTIMICRON 0.47-inch SVGA panel displays images on 1.44 million dots with a 12 μm pitch.
*As of October 2009

Conventional EVF, image, Close-up picture of pixels, 123,000 pixels RGB delta alignment, Epson's ULTIMICRON panel, image, close-up picture of pixels, 1,440,000 pixels RGB stripe alignment

3. Natural colors that are easy on the eyes

The underlying technology eliminates the potential for color break-up, meaning photographers can "gaze" at the beautiful display for long periods of time without straining their eyes.

Natural color eay on the eyes_1

No color breakup
In EVFs that utilize the field sequential method RGB colors are displayed in an alternating pattern, so when the camera is moved quickly or images are taken of moving subjects, the color breakup phenomenon can occur.

With the color filter method used by the ULTIMICRON EVF, this phenomenon can never happens. Even when following moving subjects, images remain smooth and natural.

Color Filter System, Field Sequential Color System

Color breakup is a phenomenon that occurs in displays using the field color sequential system. When an observer's eyes move rapidly relative to the display screen, the R, G, and B images will not fall on the same location on the retina. This can result in color breakup, or "the rainbow effect".

Field Sequential Color System , Color Filter System [ULTIMICRON] Easy on the eyes!

Color Filter

4. Beautiful display quality in detail

The analog drive used in LCDs can realize smooth gray scale representation, which is not possible with digital driving, enabling natural defocusing effects on the display.

Output - Brightness, Input - Signal, Analog drive (LCD), Digital drive

Beautiful display quality in detail_2

Superb Reproduction