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What is the smallest unit of time in a person's life?
We believe that the word "moment" represents the smallest unit of one's life and reflects the belief that each and every moment should be valued.

A picture is a vivid snapshot of a moment in one's life.
As those snapshots accumulate, they give birth to the vector called time and form a moving image of a person's life.

The ULTIMICRON brand of displays meets expectations for a deeper and more vivid rendition of the emotional moments in one's life.

Set your Imagination Free, ULTIMICRON

What is the ULTIMICRON?

Ultra-Compact color display with supreme definition and vividness


A full color display with a single compact, high-resolution HTPS panel

As the core device at the heart of digital camera viewfinders and head-mounted displays, ULTIMICRON supports customers' enjoyment of taking and viewing images.

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This is a promotional video for the ULTIMICRON brand. We hope that it will accompany you wherever you go so you can share those irreplaceable moments with other people.

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What's New?

2014/1/29 Epson Starts Volume Production of New Ultimicron Panel>=New=

2014/1/15 Epson displays the latest ULTIMICRON panel at CP+2014>=New=

2013/12/3 Added a New Video>

2013/12/3 Moved the Link of Video Gallery