Epson Technology

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Color Shading Correction Technology

Color shading is a phenomenon in which a part of the display looks colored when the LCD panel is used in a projector, especially when the gray level is displayed. To alleviate this problem, a color shading correction IC was developed. It divides the display into a maximum of 768 areas and adjusts the video signals for each area. Color shading was significantly reduced with this technology

Up to 32 Separated Up to 24 Separated Shift V-T curve by adding offset voltage to driving voltage

Signal Level 80% 30% 6% Default After Corrected

Color Filter

Epson develops unique color filter which is the key parts of ULTIMICRON. The original structure contributes high definition, high color purity and surface flatness. Epson developed this color filter by HTPS technology know-how.

Pixel [ Polarizer, TFT Layer, Liquid Crystal Layer, Color Filter Layer, Polarizer, Backlight ]