Epson Technology

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What do people want in a display? It really depends on how the display is used and who is using it. Even so, it's probably safe to say that most people want to be impressed.

What kind of image impresses people?

We believe that being "natural" is key. The image needs to look so real and natural that the user forgets that they are looking at a display. This level of realism can be attained by pursuing advances in color, brightness and display quality in addition to resolution.
What kinds of technologies are required to achieve such an image? This page talks about several Epson technologies that facilitate the impression of realism.

Aperture Ratio, Color Filter, Color Shading Correction technology, Optional Compensators, Micro Lens Array, Phase Expansion Driving, Hybrid Drive Technology, Planarization Technology, C2FINE,  Bright 3D Drive, Transmittance