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What is HTPS?

HTPS is an abbreviation of High Temperature Poly-Silicon. It is an active matrix transmissive LCD. It is superior to other types of LCDs in that it is smaller, has higher resolution and higher contrast, and can have embedded drivers. The main use of HTPS is as a light valve for projectors.

LCD Display -  Passive - TN[calculators / radio-cassette players (only for number display)]- STN - cellphones, PDAs, etc. - Active - TFD [cellphones, car navigation systems. ]- TFT - alpha-Si[notebook PCs, PC monitors, movies (cam coders), etc. ] - HTPS {projectors, EVF} - LTPS [cellphones, PDAs, DSCs, DVCs, etc.]

HTPS is one kind of TFT and is mainly used as a core device of projectors and electronic view finders. In each pixel of the HTPS there is a thin-film transistor (TFT) made of poly-silicon. These pixel transistors act as a conduction switch by changing the scan line's voltage.
It is produced in the same way as semiconductors. It is small and highly reliable because it can be easily miniaturized by processing at a high temperature, and drivers can be created directly onto substrates.

HTPS Technology Built in Driver = Miniaturization and high definition are possible the smallest transmissive LCD in the world

HTPS Structure

Frame: It proetects the HTPS panel and has good heat radiation.


Dust Proof Glass: Glass applied to the panel to prevent both damage to the TFT panels and the adhesion of dirt. Any dust that does settle on the dust-proof glass cannot be seen because it is out of focus when the panel is in operation.

TFT Substrate, Facing Substrates, Dust-proof Glass, Dust, Projection Lens

FPC: FPC is an abbreviation of Flexible Printed Circuit. The circuit is formed on polyester (PET) film by printing or etching. It serves as a transmitter of a variety of signals between devices and the panel, including the power source and picture signal necessary for driving the panel.
It has advantages such as flexibility, flexure, compactness, and high functionality, and it is one of the primary components.


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