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ULTIMICRON - Set your Imagination Free -

-- Set your Imagination Free --

This global slogan expresses the joy of using ULTIMICRON to take pictures, and the joy of using a high-quality electronic viewfinder in your digital camera.

We hope you to have a sense of our thoughts from promotional videos.


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The Advantages of ULTIMICRON

Natural Brightness

ULTIMICRON ensures sufficient visibility in any environment, from the brightest sunlight to the evening darkness. Thanks to natural brightness it allows photographers to frame the shot to their satisfaction.


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Natural Defocusing

The analog drive used in LCDs can realize smooth gray scale representation, which is not possible with digital driving, enabling natural defocusing effects on the display.


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Rich Colour, Rich Gradations

ULTIMICRON reproduces rich colour and rich gradations. This helps photographers to catch the scene exactly as it appears.


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