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July 25Products

Epson Begins Volume Production of S1D13L04 Display Controller for High-Resolution Color TFT Panels

Seiko Epson Corporation has begun volume production of S1D13L04 display controllers that support color TFT liquid crystal display panels with up to XGA resolution.

July 20Products

Epson Shipping Samples of New 16-bit MCU for Driving LEDs at Up to 56 mA

Seiko Epson Corporation has begun shipping samples of the S1C17M13, a new 16-bit microcontrol unit with Flash memory integrated on-chip.

July 11Products

Epson High-Capacity Ink Tank Printer Accomplishes Antarctic Mission

Epson has taken on the challenge of sending EcoTank printers to remote places in Latin America.

July 6Products

Epson High-Capacity Ink Tank Printers Achieve Cumulative Global Sales of 15 Million Units

Seiko Epson Corporation is pleased to announce that its high-capacity ink tank printers have achieved cumulative global sales of 15 million units, proving the success of this revolutionary new system.