Epson Announces Results of Acquisition of Treasury Stock through Off-Auction Own Share Repurchase Trading System (ToSTNeT-3)

- TOKYO, Japan November 17, 2011 -

Continuing from its announcement yesterday (November 16, 2011) about an acquisition of treasury stocks, Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson," TSE: 6724) has reported that it has acquired treasury stocks as follows.
Epson has also announced that it has completed the acquisition of treasury stock determined by a resolution at its board of directors' meeting held on November 16, 2011.

1. Reasons for acquiring treasury stock

Epson has resolved to conduct this acquisition after due consideration of the recent weak condition of the stock market, continuing trends in Epson's share price, and the possibility of excessive liquidity in Epson shares due to major shareholders' intentions to sell their Epson shares.

2. Acquisition details

(1) Class of shares acquired

Seiko Epson Corporation common stock

(2) Total number of shares acquired


(3) Total acquisition amount

19,521,000,000 yen (964 yen per share)

(4) Acquisition date

November 17, 2011

(5) Acquisition method

Purchase through the off-auction own share repurchase
trading system (ToSTNeT-3) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Reference: Details of the board of directors' resolution about acquisition of treasury stock (November 16, 2011)

(1) Class of shares to be acquired

Seiko Epson Corporation common stock

(2) Total number of shares that
can be acquired

22,000,000 shares (upper limit)
(This represents 11.0% of the total shares issued and
outstanding (excluding treasury stock).)

(3) Total acquisition amount

21.208 billion yen (upper limit)

About Epson
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