World Leading Epson Thermal Receipt Printers Offer Benefits for Retailers

The world's leading series of thermal receipt printers, Epson's TM-T88 models are widely used by retailers, restaurants, boutiques, and customers in a variety of other industries. The latest model in the series, the TM-T88V, not only provides fast print speeds and high print quality, it also serves retail customer needs by offering sharply improved environmental performance.


Industry-leading environmental performance and print quality

Epson's TM-T88 POS printers have continued to evolve over the 14 years since they were launched to market. Today, as the industry standard, TM-T88 printers are sold in practically every country and region around the globe, and the TM-T88V receipt printer, launched in July 2010, is available with drivers in 24 languages. This latest addition to the series prints at a fast 300 mm/second and supports the printing of true grayscale graphics. Retailers can print their store logos and graphics faster and better than ever. Of course, the new model carries on the TM-T88 seriesf tradition with an energy-saving design and comes loaded with powerful features that nevertheless tread lightly on the environment.

World-beating durability

The printers in the TM-T88 series are rugged and built to withstand accidental falls, liquid spills, and a host of other minor calamities. This ruggedness ultimately results in fewer repair parts and lower costs - and, because they do not often break, few replacement orders. The hinges on the printer's cover, for example, are made especially tough so that they do not break when the housing cover is popped open and slammed shut when receipt paper is replaced. The cover hinges are just one among many examples of parts that are designed to last in tough usage environments. By extending the useful life of these products, Epson is able to mitigate environmental impacts.

Amazingly low power consumption


The TM-T88V uses 80% less power than the TM-T88II, which hit the market in 1998. Power consumption was minimized largely by moving to a high-efficiency AC adapter and using a low-power ASIC* chip that supplies power only when and where it is needed. With heightened interest in environmental affairs, customers are increasingly making energy efficiency an important consideration when choosing POS products. The combination of power stinginess-the TM-T88V draws only about half as much power as competing products from rivals-and superb print quality are a major selling point for these products.

* An ASIC is an integrated circuit that combines into a single package the circuits for multiple functions for a specific application.

Better environmental performance and lower costs


The paper-saving features of the TM-T88V also enhance the printer's environmental performance. An auto paper-saving feature automatically reduces line spacing and barcode height without requiring changes to the customer's application program. Even more paper is saved by shrinking the top and bottom margins of receipts. This is accomplished by printing a logo at the top of the next receipt before the previous receipt is cut. Combined, these features enable the TM-T88V to reduce paper use by up to 30% compared to its predecessor. The paper savings translate not only into a smaller environmental footprint for retailers but also substantially lower running costs.


Environmental impacts across the life cycle

A life cycle assessment (LCA) is a technique for numerically expressing the environmental impacts of a product at every stage of its life cycle, from product manufacture to transport, use, disposal, and recycling. For comparative purposes environmental impacts are expressed as equivalent CO2 emissions. The graph shows that the TM-T88V's environmental impacts are lower at every stage than those of the TM-T88IV. The biggest improvement is seen in the reduction of CO2 emissions (power consumption) during use. In total, the TM-T88V produces about 10% lower CO2 emissions than the TM-T88IV, which was introduced in 2006.


Market leader Epson is firmly committed to meeting customer needs by providing high performance products. With low power requirements and a variety of paper-saving features, the TM-T88V not only mitigates environmental impacts, it also offers cost savings and a variety of other benefits to customers