Epson Commences Production of QHD HTPS TFT Liquid Crystal Panels for 3LCD Home Projectors


- TOKYO, Japan, August 25, 2009 -

Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson", TSE: 6724) today announced that it has begun volume production of new liquid crystal panels ("3LCD chips") for 3LCD home projectors. Measuring 0.54 of an inch (1.38 cm) on the diagonal, the new high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT 3LCD chips offer QHD (960 x 540) resolution.

Improvements in the resolution and quality of source images resulting from the growing popularity of HD media players and digital HD broadcasts are driving demand for more convenient large-screen viewing options in the home. Epson has responded to this demand by adding new 3LCD chips offering QHD resolution to its current lineup of 480 pixel panels. At 960 x 540 pixels, QHD (quarter high-definition) resolution offers excellent compatibility with full high-definition resolution.

Epson used its latest D7 process technology to widen the new panel's aperture ratio to 75% and thereby achieve a 156% improvement over the company's earlier (0.54 inch, 480p) panels. The new panels also employ liquid crystal material with high light resistance to offer improved levels of brightness that comfortably meet the requirements of home projectors. Moreover, Epson has realized higher quality moving images by reducing flicker and light leak with double scan and frame inversion driving*1, a technology that was previously only available in top-range models.

Having augmented its home projector product lineup with QHD-capable 3LCD chips for entry-level models, Epson is further able to support the growing range of projector application needs.

Features of the new panel

  • Quarter high-definition (QHD) resolution (960 x 540 pixels)
  • 0.54" QHD panel with a 75% aperture ratio attained with D7 process technology
  • Offers higher levels of brightness by employing high light-resistant liquid crystal material
  • Achieves higher quality images by using double scan and frame inversion driving to reduce flicker and light leak.
New panel specifications
Name Predecessor L3D05S-4x L3D05Q-81G00/L3D05Q-82G00
LCD type TN mode, organic alignment layer TN mode, organic alignment layer
Process technology D3 D7
Effective pixels 858 x 484 (480p) 960 x 540 (QHD)
Panel size (diagonal) 0.54 inch (1.38 cm) 0.54 inch (1.38 cm)
Pixel pitch 14 µm 12.5 µm
Aperture ratio 48% 75%


*1 Double scan and frame inversion driving: Data written into each pixel has the same polarity and is written in at twice the conventional speed. Polarity is also inverted before data is written in.

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