Universal Printing

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ESC/P-R is the new standard language for Epson inkjet printers, which enables users to print from a wide variety of digital equipment.

What's ESC/P-R?


ESC/P-R is a common language for selected Epson printers that supports every media type, paper size and associated printing mode available on those printers. It is suited especially for consumer electronics devices and embedded equipments. ESC/P-R allows many kinds of devices to connect and communicate with Epson inkjet printers, expanding possibilities for use with medical equipment, measuring equipment, electronic whiteboards, and at home with home electronics and game machines. ESC/P-R is designed to be easy to develop and maintain.

The new standard

  • Supported by Epson printers worldwide
  • Enables printing from almost any digital equipment
  • Does not depend on printer specifications

Key features

  • Applicable for almost all digital equipment
  • Enables speedy print out even with a slow CPU
  • Less memory required
    Designed for use without dedicated image processing memory
  • Possible applications/examples
    For industry: medical equipment, measuring equipment, electronic whiteboards
    For home: home electronics, game machines
  • Development kit with source code and development support available for partners.
    For more information on development