ESC/P-R Library

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ESC/P-R is the new standard language for Epson inkjet printers, which enables users to print from a wide variety of digital equipment.

What's ESC/P-R library?

The ESC/P-R library is the development kit for the ESC/P-R printer driver, which includes all the source code, and print sample applications. With the kit, developers only need to create one driver in order to connect and communicate with any Epson inkjet printer that supports ESC/P-R.

Main specifications

  • Basic printing
  • Auto printer searching
  • Status information

Portable to many OS systems

  • Linux (Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu, and more)
  • Windows CE, Windows Mobile
  • Other unique OSs

Development environment necessary

Interface USB, Ethernet
USB Should be able to read and write to USB port.
Ethernet Socket library equivalent to Berkeley sockets API.
Driver size Code About 100KB *when using only USB I/F
  Memory About 30KB *when printing A4 size

*Driver size is calculated based on processing by raster unit, not whole image. Memory size is not affected by paper type.

Licenses and support

  • To use the ESC/P-R Library for development, an NDA agreement is necessary. Epson will provide the ESC/P-R Library free of charge once the agreement has been finalized.
  • To use the ESC/P-R Library for actual commercialization, a license agreement will be necessary.
  • Epson support includes: providing the Library and technical support.