Epson ColorWorks Brings Productivity, Print Quality and Reliability to Color Inkjet Labels

Product labels are everywhere. Used to entice consumers to make a purchase or to provide essential information, you can find them on bottles, boxes and all other kinds of product packaging. In recent years, high product turnover caused by ever changing and diversifying customer needs has increased demand for a wide range of short-run product labels. And as governments and other bodies have come to insist on color labeling of chemicals and products to help guarantee health and safety, labels have come to be used to manage products like pharmaceuticals when they are on the shelf.

Product label with an illustration of a delicious-looking apricot being used to attract shoppers

UK food information label using colors to distinguish among the various nutritional attributes of the product

To answer these needs, Epson has launched its ColorWorks C7500 series of color inkjet printers in North America, Western Europe and Japan. Boasting high levels of productivity, print quality and reliability, the heart of the products in this series is Epson's state-of-the-art PrecisionCore linehead.

What is a PrecisionCore linehead?

What is a PrecisionCore linehead?

PrecisionCore lineheads are printheads comprising a series of PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chips. Used to fire ink, printheads are essential printer components that are known as single pass lineheads when they are arranged in a line pattern. On regular printers, printheads move from side to side while printing. However, single pass lineheads can print faster because they are fixed in position and print across the entire width of the paper.

Regular printheads and lineheads

1,000 labels in 10 minutes

Due to a print chip that allows ink to be fired at a rate of 50,000 droplets per second, the ColorWorks C7500 series can print at blazing speeds of 300 mm per second or 1,000 4 X 3 inch labels in 10 minutes. The new label printer also reduces the time and inconvenience of exchanging cartridges with its rolled paper packs of up to 8 inches and its high-yield ink cartridges.

Rolled paper

High yield ink cartridges

Crisp, vibrant labels

Using Epson's original variable size dot technology (VSDT) allows the printer to control the size of the ink droplets it fires. The ability of the ColorWorks C7500 series to print three dot sizes allows it to print at resolutions of 600 X 1,200 dpi making it able to clearly reproduce images of people or landscapes, and sharp images of barcodes.

VSDT technology

Example of printed output

Durable and stable printing over long periods

For small businesses, it is essential that printers are both durable and capable of printing stably over a long period. The series gives business owners peace of mind by being able to print 500 km or up to 6.5 million sheets. For easy maintenance, there is a self-diagnostic system to maintain print quality by detecting and cleaning the occasional nozzle blockages. When this doesn't work, there is a system that allows neighboring nozzles to cover, and to maintain print quality.


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