Projector Types

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Here you can read about the three main types of projectors

3LCD projectors

3LCD projectors use three transmissive HTPS liquid crystal panels. Using this method, light is transmitted from a lamp light source through liquid crystal panels, and projected onto a screen. 3LCD projectors are compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

All of Epson's projectors are 3LCD projectors.

For more details about how 3LCD projectors work, follow this link. ( Business Center website) New window

DLP projectors

This type of projector uses a semiconductor called a DLP (digital light processing) chip, which is made up of a rectangular array of individually movable microscopic mirrors. There are two types of DLP projectors. One type has a three-chip configuration, which employs three DLP chips, with each chip dedicated to one of the RGB colors. The other type has a single-chip configuration, which has a color wheel divided into sectors, for each RGB color, and uses a time division system for displaying colors. For cost reasons, the single-chip configuration is more widely used. The single-chip configuration can produce a color breakup effect, which occurs when fast-moving visuals leave color separation artifacts.

LCOS projectors

LCOS(liquid crystal on silicon) projectors use reflective liquid crystal panels. Although this type of projector can boast high aperture ratios, high resolutions, and outstanding contrast ratios, the cost of reflective liquid crystal panels presents a problem.