Projector market and applications

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Home entertainment

The market for home projectors used to typically comprise people who built full-scale home theaters and equipped them with high-definition projectors for the serious enjoyment of the visual beauty of the displayed contents. Nowadays, however, the home projector market is spreading out much wider due to new ways of enjoyment that take advantage of a large screen, such as a family gathering together in a brightly-lit living room to watch DVDs or play games, or bringing a projector to a party venue to project photos taken at the party. As a result, projectors that are simple to operate and easy to carry around, and projectors with high resolution and contrast for projecting clear images even when used in brightly-lit places, are gaining in popularity.

Epson enables all users, from beginners using projectors for the first time to high-end users, to enjoy, each in their own particular way, the experience of large-screen viewing that is not normally a part of their everyday lives. This is achieved by offering products that are focused on simple operation, and products that pursue image quality to the greatest degree possible with more flexible customization, thereby ensuring that each and every user achieves satisfaction.