Projector market and applications

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Projectors are used in various business scenarios, such as giving internal presentations, in business negotiations outside the office, or at event venues. Projectors for enterprise occupy the largest proportion of the overall projector market.

The environment in which projectors are used varies greatly in business, with the brightness or size of the room, screen size, and whether the equipment is permanently installed or portable, varying by office or institution. Projectors for enterprise are therefore available in a huge variety of brightness levels, sizes, weights, and price ranges. Advances in the functions and performance of projectors, such as widescreen capability to match the resolution of a PC or having network capabilities, are being made year after year.

Epson produces an extensive lineup of products having various types of brightness, resolution, dimension, or weight, in order to respond to every situation or need of the customers. The lineup includes projectors with the capability of meeting the brightness requirements of venues of various sizes, ranging from a meeting room for a few people to huge conference halls seating several hundred people. It's also important to respond to the needs of customers who value weight and size because they require a projector that is portable for use outside the office; and for customers who look for ease of maintenance in projectors that are permanently installed in the ceiling of a room.