Features of Epson projectors

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A key feature of Epson's projectors is that nearly all of the major components in the projectors are developed and manufactured in-house, including the HTPS liquid crystal panels, lamps, multi-lens arrays, projection lenses, power supply units and ballast, interactive devices and integrated circuits for image processing engines.

Among these parts, the HTPS TFT liquid crystal panels in particular determine image quality. They are extremely sophisticated and require a high level of development and manufacturing expertise. Epson has spent many years refining its state-of-the-art liquid crystal and high-aperture ratio technologies, enabling it to ensure stable quality in the manufacture of these panels.

Based on its originally developed core components, Epson builds its projectors in its own state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. Because of its unique ability to create projectors and their core components from the ground up, Epson is able to offer a wide range of products that exceed the expectations of business, education and home customers worldwide.

Epson's unique technologies