Projection Technology

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Projected Images Everywhere

Projectors are used to display a variety of materials on large screens for meetings or conferences, including text data, photos, and visuals. While projectors have already become indispensable as presentation tools in business, the scope of their application is becoming much more widespread, including viewing DVDs on a large screen in homes, for classes in schools, and promoting products in stores.

Epson has maintained the No. 1* share of the global market for projectors for more than ten years. Epson's projectors are the projectors of choice of customers around the world because of the company's continued commitment to pursue and achieve better performance, quality, and ease of operation.

In this section you can read about the development of projectors, the growth of the projector market, and the technologies that are incorporated in current Epson projectors.

* Source: Surveys by Futuresource Consulting Ltd., 2001 - 2013 (unit volume of projectors of 500 lumens and above)

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Projector Types


History of the Development of Projectors


Projector Market and Applications

3LCD Technologies


Features of Epson Projectors


Future of Visual Communications