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POS printers

Thermal point-of-sales printers are renowned for their compact size, quietness and speed. Printing involves passing thermal paper over a print head that has been heated to a certain temperature. These miniprinters mainly use roll paper, and are most commonly used for printing receipts in point-of-sale systems, ATMs, and information kiosks. Although users most often print black text, some thermal point-of-sales printers have recently been used to print graphics or in more than one color.

Epson is the world's leading manufacturer of printers used in point-of-sale situations, of which thermal printing is a mainstay technology. Depending on customer needs, however, Epson also supplies inkjet, dot matrix and other technologies to customers in retail and other industries requiring point-of-sale printing.

Epson's product range varies by country and region. Check for details of the Epson lineup in your region.