Printer types

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Inkjet printers

Widely used in the home, inkjet printers are famous for their durability, versatility and high-quality photo reproduction. They are perhaps the most well-known type of printer and have become widespread due to a relatively simple structure that allows them to fire different colored inks rapidly and accurately onto a page. Recently inkjet printers have been equipped with scanning and copying functions, and technological advantages have made inkjet printing increasingly popular in business, commerce and industry.

Inkjet printers use either piezo or thermal technology, with Epson employing its proprietary Micro Piezo technology in inkjet printers for all applications. In addition to being one of the world's leading manufacturers of inkjet printers for printing photos and documents in the home, Epson is a major supplier of large-format inkjet printers, which are widely used for proofing, design, professional photography and other uses.

Epson's product range varies by country and region. Check for details of the Epson lineup in your region.