What is Micro Piezo Technology?

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Future of Micro Piezo

Technological Potential

Micro Piezo print heads have a thin crystal film arranged behind a nozzle array. This thin crystal film flexes outward when a voltage is applied to it, drawing ink. Then, when the voltage is reversed, the film deflects, causing the ink to be ejected from the nozzles by mechanical force. Unlike heat-based thermal inkjet systems, Micro Piezo systems are compatible with a wide variety of ink materials.
Taking full advantage of the ink material compatibility of Micro Piezo printing systems, Epson has assembled a broad lineup of printers that use a wide variety of inks-including, for example, dye, pigment, eco-solvent, UV-cured ink-for applications ranging from posters and signage to textiles, labels, and much, much more.
Moreover, given that there are few limitations on the types of materials that Micro Piezo systems can deposit, provided they are liquid, Epson is conducting research and development with an eye toward extending the scope of future applications.

PrecisionCore technology

PrecisionCore is Micro Piezo technology in one of its most evolved forms.

Inkjet printing technology based on Epson's proprietary thin-film piezoelectric technology, PrecisionCore merges advances in piezo materials and MEMS fabrication with a wealth of technologies that Epson has accumulated over many years. PrecisionCore delivers higher quality prints at faster speeds in a variety of commercial, industrial, and office applications where high volume and high speed are essential.

Epson plans to use PrecisionCore as a constantly improving inkjet printing platform that will support the creation of new value and blaze trails into new markets. Leveraging its printing technologies, including PrecisionCore, Epson intends to stay at the forefront of printing innovation, in every printing domain.

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